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Skagerrakbanan is part of the Skagerrak Transport Corridor consortium, which consists of the municipalities of Kungälv, Stenungsund, Uddevalla, Munkedal, Lysekil and Strömstad. Read more about the consortium and the project.
The domain and the website are managed by Uddevalla Municipality. We want to enable as many people as possible to use the site. The following describes how complies with the Swedish Act on Access to Digital Public Service, any known accessibility issues and how to report faults to us so that we can remedy them.

How accessible is the website?

We strive to make sure can be accessed, processed and understood by all users regardless of e.g. disabilities or the kind of devices used. We are aware that parts of the site are not fully accessible. Most of the pages meet the legal requirements, but we cannot guarantee that there are no occasional faults. Refer to the section below for further information on inaccessible content.

What to do if you cannot use parts of the website

If you need content from that is not accessible to you but which falls outside the scope of the law as described below, please notify us at

Reporting website accessibility faults

We are constantly striving to improve accessibility to our website. If you discover problems that are not described on this page, or if you feel we do not meet legal requirements, please let us know there is a problem.

Ensuring compliance

The Agency for Digital Government is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Act on Access to Digital Public Service. If you are dissatisfied with the way we handle your observations, please contact the agency and notify it. 

You can reach the agency by email at or by telephone on +46 771-11 44 00.

Technical information about website access

This website is not fully in compliance with the Act on Access to Digital Public Service.

Website access

Tab navigation

The website is designed to let you tab your way around without using a mouse.

Responsive is customisable and dynamic. This means readability and structure are the same whether you’re using a computer, tablet or mobile phone.


When we link to other websites or documents, they open in a new browser window. Internal links from the home page open in the same window.

Inaccessible content


There are PDF files on the website that are not adapted for accessibility. We strive to render documents on the website accessible as far as possible.

Forms and integrated systems

There are forms and integrated systems at which do not meet accessibility principles. These are produced in systems that we do not own and are unable to influence.

Images and videos

Alternative texts may be missing on images, and the website includes videos that are not adapted for accessibility. Work is in progress to supplement and improve this as far as possible. We fall short in the case of video audio descriptions for the sight impaired.

Unduly onerous adaptation refers to the exemption for unduly onerous adaptation under Section 12 of the Act on Access to Digital Public Service for the content set out below.
Many of our documents and reports are not fully accessible. It will take a great deal of work to remedy and we are aware that we have not succeeded in meeting all of the criteria in WCAG 2.1 everywhere in the website.

Content not covered by law

The content described here is not fully available, but is excluded under the Section 9 of the Act on Access to Digital Public Service. These relate primarily to maps not intended for navigation, and third-party digital services that were not financed or developed by, and which are not under its control.

How we test the website

We have conducted a self-assessment in an internal test of in conjunction with the website’s publication.

The website went public on 23/06/2022

Report accessibility faults to

Reporting faults

Describe the website accessibility faults. The more clearly you describe the problem, the greater our ability to address your report. It also helps the people who will fix the problem.

You can report

  • inadequate digital accessibility
  • inadequate accessibility statements
  • that you have requested an accessible version of the content but not received it
  • the wish to assess exemptions for unduly onerous adaptation

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