Skagerrakbanan will create many new jobs. This applies to all three phases: railway construction, using it for travel, and its impact. During the construction phase, temporary concrete factories will create new jobs in Sweden and Norway alike. When Skagerrakbanan is completed and we begin using it for travel, operating the line will create long-term jobs. Skagerrakbanan will have a long-term impact on the labour market and lead to more jobs in many different areas. It is expected to create 35,000 new jobs by 2040.

Example image from Skanska's report Nya Stambanor

Skagerrakbanan will probably create temporary concrete factories at 4 to 6 locations during the construction period, generating an estimated 5,700 jobs in total. A total of 1,700 jobs will be created in Bohus County during the construction period, generating SEK 7 billion in wage costs. In Norway, 2,000 jobs will be created. Tunnelling will create a further 2,000 jobs. The temporary concrete factories could be located in Stenungsund, Ljungskile, Dingle and Överby in Sweden, and in Sarpsborg and Askim in Norway.

Skagerrakbanan will create new workplaces and long-term jobs for railway operations. Estimates show SEK 3 billion in sales and 687 new jobs:

  • Maintenance depot in Norway: 33 people
  • Traffic management : 41 people
  • Rolling stock depot: 267 people
  • Maintenance depot in Sweden: 98 people
  • Train personnel: 216 people
  • Marketing: 4 personer
  • Rolling highway: 20 people
  • Station hosts: 8 people