Below are a number of FAQs.

Questions about the journey

  • We will wait until all decisions and permits are in place and Skagerrakbanan has been given the green light before we begin any ticket sales.

  • A one-way ticket Gothenburg-Oslo is estimated to cost around SEK 600-700. It will be cheaper for shorter distances, for frequent travellers and for children, students and senior citizens. The fare is calculated at an average of SEK 2.50– 3.00 per kilometre.

  • The high-speed train is allowed to run at 400 km/h on sections of the line, and a non-stop train between Oslo and Gothenburg takes 1 hour. Trains with regional stops take between 1 hour 20 minutes and 1 hour 40 minutes.


  • Sweden and Norway have been discussing a new railway since 1980 without finding a solution. Now we’re collaborating at the municipal level between the countries to speed up implementation.

  • Yes, both in Europe and Asia. Rail Baltica is a good example. The 870 km high-speed rail line will be completed in seven years, will run through three countries and is expected to open for traffic in 2026. Other fast projects include the Öresund Bridge, the Bothnia, Mälar and Svealand Lines, which are all very successfully run as individual public sector companies.

  • The municipalities of Bohus and Østfold Counties through their elected politicians.

  • The double-track line will be built on prefabricated concrete piers. Instead of the conventional embankment method, the line will be built using newly developed technology in which 40-metre concrete elements are placed atop concrete piers. The future trains will have a top speed of 400 km/h.

  • In 2020, Skagerrakbanan was costed at SEK 100 billion. There are various financing options. One of the alternatives being studied concerns loans from the European and Nordic Investment Banks. Loans will be repaid through ticket revenues and not via a tax burden on society.

  • Construction is scheduled to begin in 2024 with completion in 2028.

  • Skagerrakbanan is a planned high-speed railway for modern, comfortable high-speed trains between Oslo and Gothenburg. The 256 km high-speed railway will actually run between Ski, south of Oslo, to Surte, north of Gothenburg. It will link to the existing railway at these two locations. We will build the line on viaducts as it is quicker and has less environmental impact compared to a railway at ground level.

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